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Published: 17th August 2009
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The Fit Flops are the most well liked sandal to hit the world apropos leading edge design and features. The reason they are so appealing is they are excellent for the body. There are a few differing kinds of walking sandals on the market. But most of these are horrible not only on your feet, but your full body. Most sandals make you walk differently than what nature intended. The Fit Flops have lots of features and benefits and this article will detail these sandals and all the rationalizations to give these a try.

The development of the Fit Flop stems from extensive research done by Dr. They surmised the answer lay in the sole construction. So they developed a sandal with differing sole properties and densities, creating an unstable base with a patent pending technology called microwobbleboard. What happens with this technology is as the foot moves thru the gait cycle, the lower leg muscles are used more to recover stability.

The benefit of this instability and more muscle engagement is that it helps tone and trim your legs.

If you don't have the time to go to the gymnasium to work off those extra pounds or to firm your legs, than you can just throw on 2 these flip flops. It works while you walk, so you are solving 2 problems with one stone.

I didn't mention the best feature is their cost. Compared to other types of fitness shoes or sandals, this is a particularly inexpensive investment. You should buy them at local shops like Sole Provisions Shop in NY, or they can be found online at Fit Flops

A Popular Style is the Walkstar

This brand has already created a name due to its aggressive advert campaign. Their claim is that their flip flops have an inserted technology that tones your butt and thigh muscles as you walk.

there is no prescribed distance or number of steps you have got to travel in order to achieve a particular result because every step you're taking leads to the specified effect. This has been proven through actual scientific experiments apart from thousands of customer testimonials. Additionally, plenty of folks swear to the indisputable fact that the flip flops help lessen back pain too.

Comfort is the other significant characteristic of the Walkstar Sandal as well as the remainder of the FitFlop shoes line. It's like being barefoot- only better. Therefore, you can take lengthy walks and be confident that you'll feel and look better without the pain that usually accompanies these categories of workouts.

If you are looking out for a pair of flip flops that look good, feel good, and make you feel and appear better as well, then you will get your 3-in-1 deal when you purchase the FitFlop women's Walkstar Classic Thong Sandal.
Fit Flops

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